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The Salesman

SWAGONI just bought a car, it’s the Rally Wagon, the Race Wagon, the SWAGON… it’s so sick, I love it.  I buy used cars, so I researched for a long time and ended up visiting a number of private sellers and dealerships.  I don’t know if it has happened to you, but I am always put off when I go into a big name dealer.  Smaller dealerships can be chill, but it’s without fail, every big dealership I go into to look at a car, I am attacked by salesmen.  Once they find out I am in the market, they are all over it, trying to make a sale.  And before i leave the place, I end up actually catch myself considering purchasing some vehicle that I cannot afford, nor do I want.

Do you want that sales guy up in your face? no.  What is it that we don’t like about that situation?  I may feel, pushed, like they are just trying to sell a car, not really see what I need.  They care more about their bottom line, than my bottom line.

I am sure there is a lot more there than I am addressing here, but when I describe that sales guy, it kind of sounds a little like the way we Christians evangelize, witness, testify or whatever else you may call sharing your faith.   The way I feel when that the salesman walks up to me, people feel that, when I walk up to them as a Christian trying to “convert” or “recruit” them.

Cutting to the Chase..  We as christians have this mission that Jesus gave at the end of his time here on this planet and says this, “Go make disciples of all nations…” (matt 28) So we are supposed to go and actually do something, make followers.  But our approach to that needs to avoid focusing on our own personal bottom line and focus more on their bottom line.

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  1. December 15, 2012 at 7:58 pm


    i honestly hate being sold to. i am often very cold to even people at target kuz i hate being bothered by a potential sale.

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